Shot Blasting and Bead Blasting

Shot Blasting and Bead Blasting

At Radley Engineering, we have a range of blasting equipment, including a dedicated shot blasting facility and a glass bead penning facility.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting

Radley Engineering has a dedicated 170m2 shot blasting facility. Shot blasting is a process used to clean and strengthen metal and is used in a wide variety of industries. It is an effective way to remove contamination from steel and to prepare it for recoating. Our state of the art shot blasting facility is fully equipped with a recovery system and calibrated surface profile measuring equipment.

Our recovery system reduces blasting costs by recycling the abrasive which rebounds off the workpiece. The abrasive is moved to an abrasive cleaner, where any unwanted materials, such as dust is removed. This is then re-entered into the blast machine and is reused.

Our calibrated surface profile measuring equipment is used to measure the profile of a surface in order to ensure the right volume of coating is used.  This measurement process controls the coating process, avoiding excessive paint and insufficient adhesion. Insufficient adhesion can lead to certain areas remaining uncovered, leading to rust spots.

All readings are recorded after the process and form part of the documentation handover dossier.

Bead Blasting

Shot blasting

Our workshop also has a dedicated glass bead peening facility. Glass bead blasting is used to remove contamination from a surface by blasting glass beads at a high pressure.  This provides a much smoother finish than other methods and ensures the surface is cleaned without any damage.

Our glass beads come in a variety of sizes – smaller beads provide a smooth surface, whilst larger beads provide a more textured surface.

This glass bead penning facility is available for:

  • Peening stainless steel pipe
  • Vessel fabrication
  • Non-directional texture surface (uniformed matt surface finish with low reflectivity)

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