10Ltr 25Ltr Elan 3

Radley Engineering has a dedicated highly skilled crew who have been trained to the highest standards in polishing techniques. We provide the highest quality finish to:

  • Mechanical Pipework
  • Vessels/Tanks
  • Columns
  • Specialised Projects (The Spire of Dublin, Heron Tower Mast)

The skills which we have acquired over the past thirty years, allows Radley Engineering to achieve the surface finish as required by the applicable design code or the client’s specifications.

Our state of the art facility utilises the following equipment:

  • Grit Flap Wheel
  • Grinder/Spindle Machine
  • Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Reader SJ-210
  • Roughness Surface Specimen
  • Polishing Compound

The Polishing Process

  • Polishing is carried out using a grit flap wheel fixed to a spindle machine.

  • The polishing will continue until the required surface finish is attained internally and/or externally.

  • The surface roughness tester is continuously used to check the progress.

  • If a surface finish of 0.65um or better is required, Britela 2445-AF is added intermittently to the grit flap wheel.

Electro Polishing

40Ltr Wetting solution

Electro polishing is the electrochemical dissolution of a metal surface. Increasingly our clients in the Pharma, Medical, Food and Semiconductor industries demand this finish. The process improves the:

  • Component’s Smoothness
  • Reflectivity
  • Cleanliness

Electro polishing can also be applied to the internal diameter (ID) of pipe system components used in high purity and ultrahigh-purity applications, helping to achieve and maintain the required cleanness.

Electro polishing is a micro process and is not a replacement for other macro metal removal process such as grinding, sanding, blasting, polishing and buffing. Although the majority of all alloys and metals can be electro polished, the inherent strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel make it the material of choice for process equipment.

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