Jacketed Vessels

Radley Engineering also manufacture a wide range of engineered to order custom designed jacketed vessels. We can build our customers exact specifications or work with our clients to create the best solution possible for the Chemical, Pharma and Refining industries


  1. Half Pipe Coil Jackets
  2. Conventional Jackets
  3. Dimple Jacket

Half Pipe Coil Jacketed Vessels

Radley Engineering fabricate Half-pipe coil jacketed vessels for some of the more aggressive applications. This method offers many advantages over other jacket designs including:

  • Thinner inner vessel wall reducing cost.
  • Ability to divide into multiple/parallel zones, allowing for flexibility and precise control of the heat transfer system.
  • Half pipe formed from continuous coil, reducing butt welds and reducing the potential for leaks

Dimple Jacket Vessels

  • A thin external shell is affixed to the vessel shell with laser welds located in a regular pattern.
  • Often about 50mm on centre both horizontally and vertically.
  • These “dimples” impart turbulence to the heating or cooling media as it flows through the jacket.
  • High Heating/Cooling transfer is possible

Conventional Jackets

  • A conventional jacket can achieve the maximum coverage of the shell and bottom head
  • Low Pressure drop

Quality Materials

Radley Engineering shop workers/welders have expertise and procedures for fabrication with diverse materials including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel & 6 Moly Alloys
  • Hastelloy™*
  • AL-6XN™*
  • Inconel Alloys
  • Clad Materials
  • Duplex Stainless

*AL-6XN is a trademark of Allegheny Ludlum;
HASTELLOY® is a trademark of Hanes International, Inc

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