Architectural Metal Works

Architectural Metalworks

Radley Engineering is very proud to be part of some of the most unique projects in both Ireland and the UK. Our involvement in high profile projects such as The Spire of Dublin and The Heron Tower demonstrates the capabilities of our team of engineers and our workforce to adapt to any project.

The Spire of Dublin – Europe’s Tallest Structure

In 2002 Radley Engineering was hired by the Dublin City Council to construct The Spire of Dublin. The Spire, also known as the Monument of Light, was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects and is located in the heart of Dublin on O’ Connell Street.

It took five months to fabricate the monument. The diameter at the bottom of the monument is 3 meters, and this narrows to 150 mm at the top of the monument. It stands at a staggering 125 meters high, making it the tallest stainless steel monument in the world, as well as Europe’s tallest sculpture.

The pattern around the base of the Spire is based on a core sample of earth and rock taken from the ground where The Spire stands. This was achieved by bead blasting the steel through rubber stencil masks.

SIAC Construction Ltd. erected the monument on O’Connell Street. The monument was erected in six sections, with the first being installed in December 2002 and the final section installed in January 2003. The total cost of the monument came in at €6,000,000.

The monument has been nominated for a number of awards including:

  • 2003 British Construction Industry International Award Finalist
  • 2004 RIBA National Award & Stirling Prize Shortlist
  • 2005 Miles Van der Rohe Prize List

Heron Tower


Heron Tower is located at the heart of London’s financial district in Canary Warf. The commercial skyscraper stands at 755 feet making it the tallest building in London’s financial district. Kohn Pedresen Fox Associates designed the building and construction of the 46 storey building began in 2007.

A 92-foot stainless steel mass sits on top of the tower. The mast was fabricated over a six-month period in Radley Engineering’s workshop in Waterford in 2010. The mast is fabricated from 2205 Duplex Material and is anchored twenty metres inside the main structure of the tower using fiscous dampers and heavy duty springs.

The tower was transported from Radley Engineering’s workshop in Waterford to London and was added to the building in July 2010.

Waterford Bridge

Waterford bridge

In 2010, Radley Engineering was hired by Waterford City Council to construct a cable stay structure for the Waterford N25 bypass. The bridge which connects Cork with Roslare is Irelands longest cable-stayed suspension bridge, spanning over 755 feet.

The cable stay structure was constructed in Radley Engineering’s workshop in Waterford. Each cable has a diameter of between 355 and 455 mm. Approximately 55 kilometres of strands were used in the construction of the cables.

The bridge was the winner of the ACEI 2012 Annual Excellence Award.

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